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Acute Stress Response in Migraine Sufferers

April 24, 2019


Stress can induce many problems in your health. One of which is believed to be headaches or migraines. A lack of proper nutrition may also contribute to migraine occurrence. This clinical trial examines the effect stress and fasting on individuals who suffer from migraines.


Study Information

This study examines the behaviors of stress and fasting on migraines compared to groups without stress who are fasting, fasting without stress, and not fasting without stress. The fasting  group will fast for 12 hours prior to the study visit. There is an estimated 212 participants. The study began on March 8, 2017 and is estimated to be completed on May 31,2020.


Inclusion Criteria


  • All sexes, ages 18-65
  • A migraine diagnosis
  • A frequency of 2-15 headaches per month


Exclusion Criteria


  • Have a secondary headache disorder (e.g., brain tumor)
  • Chronic daily headache, greater than 15 days per month, or headache medication overuse, more than 8 days per month
  • Change in headache symptoms over last 6 weeks
  • Not able to read or speak English at a 6th grade level
  • Any condition that would prevent of a non-harmful laboratory stressor including seizure disorder, Axis-I psychotic disorder, or unstable cardiac conditions
  • Have a substance dependence issue (e.g., alcohol, marijuana) that interferes with data collection and headache activity



You may participate in this study at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts 02114. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Timothy, T. Houle, PhD at



Massachusetts General Hospital is the sponsor of this study with Timothy T. Houle, PhD as the Principal Investigator.

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