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Migraines can be managed with the proper tools. Our team has curated app, clinical trials, and organization reviews so you know what resources to trust.

Mobile Apps

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Clinicians and regular citizens combined their skills to create Symple – an app to track your feelings, improve wellbeing, and manage symptoms for things like ...

Relax Lite

Relax Lite is a guided meditation app that offers breathing exercises to practice mindfulness. Voted Top Mind & Body App of 2014 by Leading Doctors, it can be us...

Migraine Relief Hypnosis

Migraine Relief Hypnosis is an app that relaxes you to reduce migraine pain in only 1 to 3 weeks. The app uses a simple audio session that you listen to daily and ai...

Night Shift

Many of us fall asleep to screens. However, we don’t all know that the blue wavelength from screens can disrupt our sleep cycle. The filter from the Night Shift ap...


Social media has been combined with pain management in the new app Ouchie. You can post updates on how painful you migraines are in the same way you post to other so...

Migraine Buddy

Ranked #1 by AxonOptics, Migraine Buddy will be by your side during your migraines and record your information to help reduce them. With the app’s questionnaire an...

Migraine Coach

Migraine Coach is a free app that identifies what triggers your migraines and how to protect against future migraines. The app will use alerts when a potential migra...


N1-Headache operates under the primary goal of managing migraines and preventing medication overuse for those with adult and pediatric disease. The free Curelator ap...


Learn to better analyze and identify contributing factors to your headaches and migraines through the new iHeadache app. iHeadache allows you to track your headache ...

Clinical Trials

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Understanding the Pathophysiology of Migraine Pain

This clinical trial examines the pathophysiology of abnormal states for migraines. Specifically, it focuses on moni

Acute Stress Response in Migraine Sufferers

Stress can induce many problems in your health. One of which is believed to be headaches or migraines. A lack of pr

CHOCOlate MeLatonin for AdolescenT MigrainE (CHOCOLATE)

Melatonin in commonly known as the chemical produced naturally in your brain to promote restful sleep. You can also

Maximizing Outcomes in Treating Acute Migraine

AXS-07 is a medicine that contains MoSEIC meloxicam and rizatriptan, created for the acute treatment of migraine. T

Imaging the Migraine Brain Pre- and Post-Erenumab

This study monitors the effect of the drug Erenumab on brain activity with patients who have frequent migraines. It


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