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Migraine Buddy

April 23, 2019


Migraine Buddy is an incredibly popular solution for those who want to get to the root cause of their migraines. The app has surpassed 2 million downloads on Apple’s App Store, and it has over 18,000 reviews. Why do people love it so much?



Migraine Buddy allows you to track and record your migraines with ease. The recording process is done with the help of the app itself, so you barely have to do any work. The app will let you identify symptoms and triggers of a migraine attack, with the information entered by the user. Migraine Buddy will help you find the cause of your migraines simply based on this data, which includes medications taken, pain intensity, lifestyle factors and everything else that might trigger migraines. This feature was developed and perfected by neurologists and data scientists.

“The app will let you identify symptoms and triggers of a migraine attack.”

Besides the migraine tracking function, the app also comes with an intelligent sleep recording system, allowing you to view the correlation between your sleep quality and your migraines. Additionally, Migraine Buddy has a weather and pressure forecast feature, which lets you measure the impact of the weather on your headaches. Finally, for those with chronic, severe migraines, the Migraine Impact Buddy feature will help you measure the exact impact of your migraines on your daily life. If you happen to have friends or family with migraines, you can share details with your “buddies” within the app.

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Migraine Buddy

Migraine Buddy is a mobile app that allows you to track and record your migraines with ease and is available to download for iOS and Android devices.

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