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April 23, 2019


N1-Headache is a free app that can aid and assist those who suffer from adult or pediatric migraine, by documenting the different components that can exacerbate, and relieve migraines, in order to learn how to best manage your condition.



N1-Headache requires you to track at least 70 factors that may be exacerbating or relieving your pain. Through analytics, it suggests modifications via trigger identification maps, and personalized analytical reports for your doctor, that could reduce the severity and frequency of your migraines.

“N1-Headache documents the different components that can exacerbate, and relieve migraines, in order to learn how to best manage your condition.”

The Initial 90 Day Entry Requirement

In order for the N1-Headache app to reach optimal accuracy, the first 90 days are concentrated on inputting migraine-related information into the app, such as medications, symptoms, alternative therapies and lifestyle and eating habits, to generate the best results for gaining relief. You need to spend 2-3 minutes each day of tracking to reach a minimum of 70 migraine-related triggers/reducers within 90 days.


Helpful Maps

One of the main advantages of the 90-day tracking period is that the app generates numerous maps using extensive analytics, to help you navigate and understand your migraines. You will receive the Individual Trigger Map, Individual Protector Map, No Association Map, and the Suspected Trigger Map.


Personal Analytical Report

In addition to the maps feature, N1-Headache also creates a Personal Analytical Report. This comprehensive tool can be shared with your doctor to provide further insight into the best treatments and approaches to alleviate your migraines once and for all!

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