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April 24, 2019


Symple Symptom Tracker is a mobile app that helps you track your feelings, improve wellbeing, and manage your symptoms for conditions such as migraines. 



Take control of your health by answering daily questions from Symple and recording the intensity of your symptoms. More than just a symptom journal, Symple makes it easy to track & study factors that influence how you feel. To keep up with your meals and medications, you can take a daily photo as a reminder. You’re also able to import step, sleep, diet and heart rate data directly from Apple Health. For those in wheelchairs, you can even track your wheelchair pushes.

“Symple makes it easy to track & study factors that influence how you feel.”

Symple asks you a series of helpful questions to help you gain a better insight on your emotional and physical symptoms. You can rate the intensity of your symptoms as they appear. The app encourages you to share your data with your doctor, in order for them to assist your overall progress. You can even make a list of questions for your medical practitioners to prepare for your upcoming appointment.


If you’re interested in more, you can upgrade to SympleComplete for $8.99 and get an entire suite of features such as unlimited symptom tracking, longer graphing intervals, an option to secure your data with a password, and the ability to take 10 reminder photos per day.

Mobile Apps

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Symple is a mobile app that helps you track your feelings, improve wellbeing, and manage symptoms for conditions like…

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